Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Olympic Withdrawl….

Life goes on.. back to the hum drum of daily life. But that’s okay, I need a break anyway!
I have no excuse for staying up super late, and watching the boob tube. Betwee, the wedding and the olympics I am plum tuckered out. Work was the usual kind of busy slightly chaotic kind of day. I do have to report the Newly married Nichols have returned from there honeymoon Sunday night, tan and well rested. Greg and I waited for them holding one of those signs saying Nichols party of 2, just like there personal limo driver could. They definitely got a big kick out of it. We got them home about midnight with there cars done up with the traditional just married shoe polish paint job. They seemed to like it, too! Thank goodness it has not rained so they can enjoy it for a few days or so. Dropped them and there luggage off and headed home so we could catch some of the rebroadcast of the closing ceremonies. So that’s the news for now!!!

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