Wednesday, February 01, 2006

… The Official Wedding Countdown has begun….

Today is 1st that means by the time you all are reading this there’s only 17 days counting today….

So here’s what I have been up to!!!! Eating lots of salad so I can breathe in my purtty bridesmaids dress. That’s right no cookies for me. I have to say I like salad and all but the cookies are so yummy. There’s nothing worse than walking by the pastry kitchen and smelling those wonderful goodies and not partaking in them….oh well. I think I can manage….I have to say I’m very excited, it’s much more fun to be on the outside of a wedding instead of being on the inside. I mean in my business we do weddings all the time, so I have seen it all. But it’s not as much fun when you are working. But I do try to taste each wedding cake that is brought in, so I know who makes the best cakes in town. And believe me they are not all wonderful. I could go on for days about wedding cake stories, maybe I will tell you them sometime….

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