Tuesday, September 12, 2006

So what did you do last weekend??

This what I did… At work we had a celebrity chef event that is a fund raising event for a local hospital.
Starting Thursday we had our lunch hosted by Chef Paul Prudhomme. Click on his name above to see his website..We worked with his Executive Chef,his name is Paul too. We put together a lunch for 200 people, the food was yummylicious. They (paul and Paul) have worked together for 37 years in New Orleans. We got to watch part of his cooking demonstration, too.. he’s quit a funny gentleman. We briefly got a quick applause from him for being so helpful helpful. I even landed a personalized autographed copy of one of his books..pretty cool.
Then on Friday evening we had a reception, a meet a great for some other high profile Chef’s coming in to do our event on Saturday. The cool part was the center piece was a display of my food with lots of complements. Then it was off to the bar for our staff and guest chef’s. that’s some times the best part.. not the booze but for chit chat.
Then came Saturday.. I spent the afternoon making world class sushi with a world class Japanese chef and also incredible ice carver. I had the honor second year in a row to wear one of his formal sushi chef coats..pretty cool. It was black with white and silver fish..That went until late then off for drinks again. Needless to say we were up a better part of the whole night being silly and talking much silliness. Chef's do party hardy that is a truth and not myth. It was a very successful weekend, and a whole lot of fun too…a lot of work, but a great opportunity..
Sun…I slept off and on all day.. recovery mode shall I say more..nah…Monday back to work..Tuesday the same and Wednesday off…woohoo…

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