Monday, July 19, 2004

Spa Cuisine...It's not snobby..It's healthy!!!
"Spa Cuisine", an approach to eating that offers a comprehensive healthy balanced meal plan each day in the made up of delicious and satisfying entrees and snack
One of the challenges of healthy eating is to incorporate all the daily essential vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, fiber, and antioxidants into a reasonable number of calories per day. These essential nutrients comprise a large number, and it takes technique to cover them off each day without ingesting an enormous amount of food. It means that a menu cannot "waste calories"; that is, only foods that are efficient in delivering the essential nutrients can be included if you wish to maintain or lose weight, rather than steadily gain. The more I watch what I eat and how I prepare food, the more fascinating  this cuisine has become. Many believe spa cuisine is complex.. or even silly.  The more I look into it the more it makes sense.
Some of the principles of spa food also show huge benifits when combined with a healthy life style: 
Research and practice the things that seem to PREVENT weight loss and good health are: Inadequate breakfast, Inadequate water, Inadequate activity after the last meal of the day.Inadequate amount of fiber foods daily, and too many starchy foods (bread) Inadequate daily vegetable intake. Too much of animal product foods (especially high in fat)
The following are 4 simple principles to help start a program of weight loss and good health:

FOOD:- eat 25 grams of fiber per day. Minimum.-   a higher fat diet of plant foods(Remember veggies are in the carb catagorie) is much better than a lower fat diet of protein and starch products.( None whole grain processed starches are not that good for use) 
WATER:- pure water is the preferred and most effective fluid.- drink enough water each day to make your urine colorless.
MEALS:- breakfast should be eaten as soon as possible after rising, and contain 4 -12 grams of fiber.- lunch and dinner should contain a minimum of 1.5 cups of vegetables each meal.
ACTIVITY:- do something active every day, trying to incorporate different cardiovascular, flexibility, and strength exercise within a week.- do something active for 25 minutes after your last meal of the day.Take a walk after dinner.
Who know's i could be the next great Spa Chef. Look out world, ...The challenge is to find the best and tastiest foods in the most creative combinations. I would make food  fresh, organic, interesting, tasty, and satisfying. I could offer vegetarian, poultry and fish, and vegan (non-animal product vegetarian) it's all about options.
Have a happy healthy day. And i look forward to sharing spa recipes for the everyday cook, in the near future. Also I going to break down how you really only break down all foods into three catagories. I have Mr. K-C give my a hand at that. It's very interesting what I found out about my own diet.  I share that with you all soon.



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