Friday, July 16, 2004

Back In JAX:
Back to the grind. Unfortunately I had to return reality today. I know what your thinking, it is such a same. I do agree, No matter if you take one day off or five it's never enough. The bills have to get paid some how I guess?
I had a great time hanging out with the family. It was a blast, can't wait for the next time we get to hang out. It's amazing thatI ate and drank whatever i wanted and didn't gain weight...I lost a little. It must have been getting away from work . Those fresh baked pastries are deadly to my waist line.
Speaking of waist line here are some was to burn more calories...
I've always been fascinated by the various ways there are to burn calories to keep myself fit and trim.  There's a wealth of information on the internet for providing specifics on how many calories you can burn for routine exercise regimes, like weight lifting, aerobics and swimming.  Well if you're like me who has little time in their schedule to workout, then you'd wonder how many calories can be burned doing routine things in your life.  With that, I've compiled my Top 10 List Of Strange And Unusual Ways to Burn Calories. My Top Ten List is based on doing the specific activities for one hour for my weight which is ***  pounds.  Your results will vary, as the more you weigh, the more calories you burn and vice versa.
10. Raking The Lawn -  Something I don't have to do, but I thought you would be interested. So put those blowers down.  360 Calories Burned
9. Sitting -  I do this all the time as I spend most of my life in front of the computeror tv afterwork, plus I figure it's easy and most people can do it.  96 Calories Burned
8. Housecleaning -  Again something I hate to do but is a necessity (most of the time).  576 Calories Burned
7. Shopping -  Now here's one that I used to hate, but am starting to enjoy it more and more.  I'm sure most people would agree with me here.  216 Calories Burned
6. Bowling  -  I never thought that I'd be burning calories from something that I truly enjoy.  This may not work to your favor if multple beers are involved. 276 Calories Burned
5. Brushing Your Teeth  -  Something that we all do all the time (or most of us). My dentist has told me to brush after every meal, hell now that I'm looking to keep trim for the summer I'll brush 6 to 8 times a day. 228 Calories Burned
4. Kissing  -  Another favorite of mine.  I'll make some time to increase the amount of this activity any day. 96 Calories Burned
3. Watching TV  -  This is something that most people do on a daily basis.  Who would have ever thought you could burn calories with this favorite pastime. 96 Calories Burned
2. Playing Cards  -  This activity is high on my favorites list, (even though my mom beat me three times in a row recently) even higher now that I know I'm burning calories doing it.  My next card game I'll skip the snacks and stick to water and playing cards. (yah right!!) 156 Calories Burned
1. Sex  -  My favorite activity on the list!  Now this is one activity I'll find time for as I'm sure most people will also. Keep in mind the number of calories burned is for doing this activity for one hour.  Let's all get out there and burn some serious calories by partaking more in this activity!  384 Calories Burned As Always Remember To Lose Weight With Passion! 
I hope this list is helpful, interesting and quite humorous.

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