Thursday, July 22, 2004

How’s Life?
Well for me it’s business as usual. Fight with the alarm clock, no matter what time it is set for it’s never a good time for me. I tend to snooze a little to much on the average day. Everyone always tells me that I should set it later and I wouldn’t need to snooze. Yeah right, we are talking about me, right? Everyday I wake up wanting to throw the alarm clock out the window. Come on I know I am not the only one out there with these feelings. So finally I get my but out of bed, after much struggle. Run to the can, If you snoozed as long as I do you have to go pretty bad. Walk out sit my butt on the couch and flip through the 4 channels that we have and sigh….. I think about breakfast for a short second. Scratch my head than usually decide to eat. I love breakfast food but I hate the time of day this meal lands in. They always say breakfast is the most important part of the day. So if I’m eating breakfast at 10 pm, that counts right?  Enough of that for now for another interesting topic.

Do you ever have really stupid thoughts or questions?  I know I do…I know it’s hard to believe. So if your reading this, and thinking, man that’s stupid. That’s because it is!!

why are traffic lights red, yellow and green?
why not red, yellow and blue to match traditional primary colors? i would even be happy with red, green and blue, the primary additive colors. or cyan, magenta and yellow, which are the true primary subtractive colors.
were the colors for traffic lights chosen for metaphorical reasons? i’m sure there is a government conspiracy behind it, i just haven’t made the connection yet.
Yo Gack
just because you can make yogurt taste like a mocha latte doesn’t mean that you should.
OK Just one more

Tasty Soap?
personal hygiene products seem to smell more and more like real food. You go to take a shower and you end up with the munchies??
froot loops-scented deodorant. (ok this was not a real one that I know of yet)
tangerine-scented face scrub.
coconut cream foot lotion
chestnut body bar
lemon butter cuticle cream
obligatory minty toothpaste
now all i need is some meat-scented shampoo and wheat floss to round out the food pyramid.

Alright I won’t keep going on this train of thought…No really you don’t have to thank me, really.. Have an most excellent day!!And if you have a stupid thought, share it with some one. You might get a good laugh or even a strange look. You know I am all for that!!

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