Sunday, June 27, 2004


That's right folks that's what I want to talk about today!!! So many people I know don't care for leftovers! The first thing I have to say is don't cook so much I'm not going to lay the guilt trip about the starving people of the world on you, but it's a shame to waste. I on the other hand think of it as a lovely meal that I don't have to prepare.. just think about it, the food has time to really become flavorfull! Leftover pasta dishes are awesome and so yummy. In fact I had leftovers tonight and they were delicious!!!

So what to do with your leftovers? Well, you can always give them to your dog Killer, but why should he enjoy all the fruits of your hard work (or the labor of the guy at the local grocery store)? Check out how to store and actually enjoy your leftovers -- there are so many possibilities, you'll be forced to cook more next year to ensure some food remains.

· Before you handle any food whatsoever, make sure to wash your hands with soap and warm water (note to self), so that you don't spoil the food.
· Remember that food should always be refrigerated within 2 hours of the time it was prepared.
· Although it may be tempting to leave food on the counter in order for it to cool, it's better to cool it in the refrigerator (even if they're hot leftovers).
· Food shouldn't sit in 40-140 degree (Fahrenheit) temperatures (at least not for more than 3 hours at a time), as this warm temperature is a breeding ground for bacteria. Make sure your refrigerator is always at 35-40 degrees.
· Store meat and desserts in aluminum foil, plastic wrap, or tightly sealed plastic containers, and other leftovers such as stuffing, potatoes and vegetables in tightly sealed plastic containers.
· Remember that meat, seafood and stuffing should be eaten within 3-4 days.
Final tip: it's recommended to store smaller portions in separate containers rather than pack more into fewer containers, as leftovers cool better this way, especially if the containers have a little bit of space between them while in the fridge (note: time to get rid of all those empty Chinese food containers) Just kidding I can't remember the last time we ate chinese food it's really not that good for you.

And there's so many things to do with leftovers:
Stir fryJust stir fry some leftover ham or pork, fresh or leftover vegetables, and add some noodles or rice if you like.

Slice or dice some leftover stuff and add to leftover or fresh salad. Add whatever other leftovers; it'll be a jumbled mix of taste in a salad.
Soup surprise
Make broth with leftover bones and scrap to add flavor), and as well as diced vegetables.

Most of these options can make for a great packed lunch to enjoy at work, but sandwiches and salads are easiest to prepare on the go.

Just fry up some eggs and toss in whatever leftovers you have

Any of the desserts you have left over can be enjoyed as snacks for work, or just invite people over for coffee, tea and dessert the next day.(not there's dessert leftovers very often)


Although it's tempting to finish up all the alcohol you have left over yourself, there's no need to rush; alcohol can remain for a long period of time if it's covered, so you can keep your bottles handy for the next time you have a party or a hot Dude or babe over.

Remember that food may smell or look good, but it won't look so good after you've gotten sick from the rotten stuffing and turkey you just had. Leftovers don't just happen at the holidays!! So if you have doubts, just throw it out.

You can always share the leftovers with your dog, but once you see how good they can be, he'll have to fight you for them.

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