Thursday, June 03, 2004

Cooking seems like such a simple art. It seems to me that if you cook, you must need fire. Fire was discovered by man probably millions of years ago by our archaeological ancestors. Of course
they did not cook with it, but probably worshipped it, felt it's warmth, it's pain, and gazed in wonder as it lit up the darkness of night. What an awesome discovery by the first man who
probably saw a tree burning after a lightning strike. How brave he must have been to get closer and investigate this strange phenomenon. The Gods surely must have played a part in this power. Many years of respect for that fire and sitting around it for warmth in the winter cold had passed before some clumsy cave man dropped his raw piece of meat into that fire. Before he could get it out of the fire and let it cool a bit to gnaw on again it was cooked. What did that taste like? Like
most foods, it could have been better tasting after falling in the fire, or his palate found the taste repulsive after being used to the taste of raw meat. If he found the taste to his liking, he probably told his friends about it, and they tried it. Being hunters and gatherers in those days and not
concerned with business as today, he did not secretly hide the fact that he had discovered cooking, and open a business called "". Instead he shared his discovery with
others by painting of his exploits on his living room wall. His attractors saw his paintings, and over eons of time, perfected his discovery.

Next to come is the evolution of cooking!!!
I hope you enjoy it i been working on this one for quite some time now. I even spell checked it.Sarah what do you think??

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