Thursday, June 10, 2004

Did you hear about this?

In January, University of Utah hospital surgeons removed half the skull of Briana Lane, age 22 and unemployed, in order to save her life after an auto accident, but because putting the skull back in place was not quite an emergency, it was delayed by negotiations over cost. The skull remained in a freezer for three months, with Lane battling serious pain (and wearing a plastic helmet for protection, feeling her brain "shifting" on her) while the hospital negotiated with the state Medicaid office, which pays only for long-term "disabilities." Her skull was finally reattached on April 30. [Salt Lake Tribune-AP, 5-11-04]

I think that is pretty sad. But if you notice it was out in Utah, where all those crazy folks live. Sometimes when I am surfing the web and reading stuff like this i begin to relize how good I have it. On the other hand I must have to much time on my spend time looking for news like this. I really don't care about this kind of stuff, but for some sort of reson I get so sucked in by it. This is just another example of insurance being screwed up!!! I think i put in my 2 cents!!

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