Thursday, April 06, 2006

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National Coffee Cake Day

i love coffe cake. My Mom bakes the yummiest coffee cake of all. The best part it is so simple to make.

So where did they come from? Who invented them?

Coffee cake (also sometimes known as Kuchen or Gugelhupf) was not invented. It evolved...from ancient honey cakes to simple French galettes ("Galette. A flat, round cake of variable size. The galette probably dates from the Neolithic era when thick cereal pastes were cooked by spreading them out on hot stones) to medieval fruitcakes to sweet yeast rolls to danish, cakes made with coffee to mass-produce pre-packaged treats.
Food historians generally agree the concept of coffee cake [eating sweet cakes with coffee] most likely originated in Northern/Central Europe sometime in the 17th century. Why this place and time? These countries were already known for their traditional for sweet yeast breads. When coffee was introduced to Europe these cakes were a natural accompaniment. German, Dutch, and Scandinavian immigrants brought their coffee cake recipes with them to America. The first coffee cake-type foods were more like bread than cake. They were simple concoctions of yeast, flour, eggs, sugar, nuts, dried fruit and sweet spices. Over time, coffee cake recipes changed. Sugared fruit, cheese, yogurt and other creamy fillings are often used in today's American coffee cake recipes.

So that's what I know about coffee cakes. I love them too!!!!

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