Friday, April 30, 2004

in my dictionary, everything is a word even fart
time for a little fart humor!!!Yeas that right i said the F word...heheheh
FART:noun: taboo, to emit gas from the buttocks/anus.
FART OFF: to give someone the cold shoulder
COLD SHOULDER: presumably the shoulder of the ice man/cold man
COLD MAN: man that makes fires as a fire man puts them out
OUT:away from in, skipping for gin
GIN:to stop blubering on,

i make up my own language...why..because i can!! i didn't say anywhere along the line that this blog would make any sense, did i???

Side not:
this is my response to my sister, that is the older one. She nags on me about the lack of spell checking that i do for my blogggggg. I most often forget to check my spelling because my brain is fried from the crazy whirlwind of a day at work. And on top of that by the time i sit down, i'm not in my right mind. Which is a good thing, because the more tired i get the funnier i am, because i'm a hero in my own mind. And the president of my own solar system. Maybe i need to make you my sister the minister of spelling. i figure as long as you get my drift i'm doing A O K!!! If i could spell or do math you think I would be sweating my ars off in a kitchen. I'll try to pay more attention to the spelling thing, it's not a gaurenteee! ooopsss did i missplell that!!!

Question of the day:Do you think that doing exercises for a firmer gluteus maximus will have the added side benefit of louder farts?

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