Thursday, October 08, 2009

Life in Trasition...

Sometimes I can’t wait for certain things to start. Sometimes I wish that certain things would never end. Sometimes I wish that certain things would hurry up and end!

I am finally beginning to realize that I always look to the next event in my life. Which leaves me little time to enjoy the moment. In the midst of transition it is best to sit back and enjoy the ride. Our entire lives experience is a transition! Why get caught up in feeling that we must have control, or that we must hurry to the next experience, or that because there is transition we will be uncomfortable.

We can either decide to worry or we can be exhilarated! I’ll take exhilarated, although I will say that learning to do that is definitely a practice.

I am putting this into practice by learning to be okay with what is, and by shedding unhelpful beliefs that transition is somehow a negative experience. I imagine myself on that tightrope and I let out a big woohoo!! I always have a choice in the way I think and feel and I love the reminder to enjoy the transitions that make my life what it is.

while jotting down my thoughts.. i was surfing the net and i came across these bits of wisdom:

*Embrace the exciting newness of it all.

*Beginning something new is a rebirth of who we are.

*Transition is all about perspective. What perspective will you choose?

*Fly with it! Take it on and soar!

*Be in the joyful giddiness of change.

*When you speak or think of change, say to yourself and others that things are getting better and better.

*Expect that things will be better than you could have ever imagined.

The point that speaks to me the most is the one that says “Beginning something new is a rebirth of who we are.” For me, this piece of wisdom exemplifies that we are always moving forward and always growing. I love the possibilities in that statement. I move forward with the power of the Universe with me, as do you.

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