Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Lots of Excitement.....updates ...and fun!!!!

Last time I mentioned my sis' karen is expecting, and for those who don't know yet the ordered doubled! That's right!

Then over the weekend Greg's side of the family had all kinds of excitement.. Donna and David came down from the freezing tundra of Ohio. To experience some our lovely weather down here in Florida, and to enjoy some food, folks, and fun!!!! Over the weekend we also celebrated Grandma Louise's 92nd birthday, and fun was had by all.

Then work as usual on Monday just like the last 5 days...blah...blah...blab...

Then yesterday I was off from work...yeah!!!!!! So I had My Mom and Dad, sister Sarah, and bro-in-law Laszlo over for dinner. We had Bambi spaghetti, it was deeeeliiiiicious!!!! Remember the family motto DRINK MORE!!!! (water, milk, wine, and beer)

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