Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!!!!
Yes, I finally after 7 years celebrated Easter properly. I did not have to work Holy Saturday, and i was able to enjoy the day. I really wanted to go to the park but it rained, so we went shopping and hung out with my sister Sarah and bro-in-law Laszlo. Then later in the evening we attended the Easter Vigal, which is the Holiest High Mass in the Catholic Church. It was really nice, and for all you Catholic's out there that say it is too long, you are really missing something special. After mass we all headed back to the K-C's for "dinner or brunch" either way it was an after midnight celebration with champagne and a loveily meal. That concludes Saturday....

EASTER Sunday, Greg had to work a few hours, he was helping prepare a special meal for the residents and their familys. I slept in a little, which was so nice.... then in the afternoon we were on our way over to Greg's folks for Easter dinner. We had a yummy dinner with the rest of the C's. C's that's Greg side...if you are confused. And to top it all off we celebrated Greg's Dad's birthday. Dad C's birthday was on Saturday. So not only did we enjoy a yummy Easter dinner... but birthday cake too!!!!

Happy Easter!
Peace be with you.

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