Saturday, September 01, 2007

So anyone read anything interesting Lately??????

Well, I finished the last Harry Potter book a couple of weeks ago... what next? i had been contemplating what I should or would like to read next...hmmm. then I thought about it more, and more, and more...then i came to a conclusion. I have never read the bible from cover to cover, so that is my final decision. So far so good.... I'm reading about the birth of Isaac, the son of Abraham and Sarah. Genesis 21. I'm taking time to read all the foot notes, and I had never done that helps a lot... along with the maps and stuff, too! I'm working wisdom, and knowledge. I really find the choice of names interesting... since they all have symbolic meanings. Genesis as many of you know explains how the earth is populated, who came from who, and who doesn't get along... and so on... if you have some time i invite you to dive right in there's plenty of food for your soul.

What is one to do when Hubby is out of town????

It does get boring at night after work....when the house is empty. I'm not really into going out after work to often. But i do enjoy sleeping in the middle of the bed. It's so very comfy to have that extra pillow, not to mention the alarm is closer for me to hit snooze a few times.... no snoring is very cherry too! Don't get me wrong.. I do miss him of course. So what have I been doing besides reading my bible, not much...laundry, cleaning out the nasty fridge, and blaring music that the mister isn't to keen on! I took a nice bubble bath while one our house pets, ie lizards watched. He looked rather bored too! Well I better get to bed, because it is way to late as usual. Boy what an exciting Day i can hardly sit still!!!

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