Sunday, September 16, 2007

GO BUCS!!!!!
I just wanted to give a little shout out to my home team....They played awesome today!!!!! And hopefully it continues this way... cause winning is more fun than losing.

Another lovely weekend off....
It's very nice to have the weekend off, since i have worked so many. Saturday morning I got early and went shopping with my lil' sis Karen. I was showered and dressed by 1o:00 (really)and on the road around 11:00. We went down to the outlet mall in St. Augustine and I found a few good deals I couldn't resist. In the mean while the boys went golfing and had a bunch of fun.
When we got back to the apartment, the boys were watching the boob tube relaxing. Then the Nichs headed off to church because they were going to the Jags Game Today (Sunday). Greg and I relaxed a little more, then headed over to Tricks Place for glass of wine before dinner. Then it was off to a really good Brazilian restaurant for dinner. Its great you start off with a salad bar then the fun begins. There are these guys that go table to table with large pieces of different meats on these longs skewers and cut it for each person and each table. Yes this is a happy place to eat. Lots of chit chat and food... and good beverages. After that we walked down to an Irish pub and had a few beverages (well that's what you are supposed to do there). Headed back home... Where Trick and I did a few shots and laughed as Greg feel asleep an the couch.

Sun. was relaxing...Greg headed to the west coast to do orientation for his new job.... If you haven't heard yet we will be relocating back to the west coast of fl. at the end of this month. I went over Bridget and Mike for football, food, and fun. Everyone is well over there.
Back to work tomorrow....but that's OK my last day is the 26 of September!!!!

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