Friday, March 16, 2007

Can you say MULLET? (fish?)

NOT THAT KIND.... I'm talking about this! You Know the bad hair do from the 80's....

You are are probably asking yourself why I'm bringing this up? Well, at work today we had a wedding ( or should I say a weddin') tonight of some reaaallll southern folks. The eighties called and said they wanted their hair back. Wow... They was having a real goood time, drink of of course. They were hootin' and a hollering.. and I have never heard so many people say ya'll...and fixin' in one night. But I really can't complain because even though they were a little rough around the edges, they very very very nice and polite. Yes ma'am they were. Sometimes the uppity ones lack in the manners department...often. It just struck me as kinda funny!

On another note: The count down to graduation continues...

48 days till the big day woohoo!!!!

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