Monday, October 02, 2006

The Wheels on bus go round and round…..
This afternoon I meet with my good buddy Bridget and her 1.5 yr old son Owen for some fun. We went to his gymboree class and boy was it fun. There’s nothing like seeing 10 little one’s with there Mom or Dad having so much fun. There was plenty of Singing, dancing, tumbling, and learning all kinds of educational stuff. I’m not sure who had more fun.. the adults or the kids. Bridget started him in the classes to socialize him with other kids his age since he’s around adults all the time. Yes it was fun for all great and small. Then we went for sandwiches, and you know what the best part was… besides the chit chat. They took to long on my sandwich so I got a free brownie that I shared with Owen, he seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. But what person in there right mind doesn’t love chocolate.

Later I dropped by the grocery store to pick up some stuff for dinner. That’s right I cooked dinner today…WOW! But back to the store, I usually find it a very amusing place to go. Do you ever watch people shop, especially people without a list. They just stare and pick up stuff and put it back down then pick it back up and so on. And the skinny young couple with a cart full of nasty frozen foods, ice cream, and twinkies. Keep eating that it will catch up with you…trust me. And the crazy lady in the produce aisle spentng ten minutes picking out 1 fruit, and me saying look for this because this is the best one. And she asks me… How I know that…and I reply I cooked a little bit. Then off I go.

Arrived at Karen and Joe’s made jello for dessert first. Greg meets up with us after his Monday night class. I made asian cabbage and pork chops, a one pot meal. Yummy…when I have time I’ll post the recipe. It’s so easy and yummy, and good for you too! Watched our Monday night line up on tv, Prision Break, then Heroes, then Studio 60. Then we headed home….I gotta git to bed since I do have to work tomorrow…

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