Saturday, June 03, 2006

What does a chef eat in a day…

1.5 cups cheerios

1 cup of light and fit yogurt peach flavored

1 med banana

12 oz skim milk

12 oz coffee with splenda and a splash of ½ and ½

1 oz potato chips there the kind with no preservatives or transfats

3 carrot sticks

1 jumbo hotdog in a white bun

With ketchup

1/2 cup of sautéed spinach

1 ice cream sandwich

It’s funny to think we’re feeding our guests all the fancy stuff, and I just don’t desire it. What’s really interesting is I put that info into Mr. K-C’s dietary software, and it showed me that:

I ate 1242 calories, I should be eating 2200

So I only ate 56% of the calories I need

100 percent is the goal on each below to have a proper functioning body with great metabolism

Protein 100% good for me

Fat 65%

Carb 53%

Fiber 36 % not good at all, as you can see I didn’t eat my veggies today

That's assuming I don't have snack tonight... I need to choose a good one. hmmm...what shall I have?

I don't know...

well cheers to happy and healthy eating

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