Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday Recap...

Brrrr... Can you believe that it rained enough to cool the pool down to a chilly 86 degrees.
Sunday afternoon the K-C's headed over to my parents house for a early celebration in Honor of My Sister Sarah, and bro-in-law Laszlo's Anniversary. We shared some snacks, drinks and laughter that afternoon. We all decided to take a little swim in the pool, and couldn't believe that it didn't feel like bath water. It was almost chilly at first...ha ha ha.....for those of you who don't know that the pool is most often 9o plus degrees in July. Followed by a fun card game of golf we enjoyed a delicious dinner includeing a roast on the grill and a champagne toast. Then onto dessert of blueberry cake toped with fresh blueberries a bit of vanilla ice cream. It is blueberry season please do not neglect these tasty little morsels. Happy Anniversay Sarah and Laszlo and to many more years of happiness... CHEERS!! Family Time is always so fun, I am so fortunate that mine gets along and can party like the best of them!

Cheers to family!

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Karen said...

Wish we were there too :)