Friday, November 17, 2006

Here comes the holidays!!!

Wow doesn’t it seem that their coming at us with lighting speed. I just put in my food order for our Thanksgiving Buffet. I can’t BELIEVE it’s next week. I freaked out at this one radio station I listen to at work, they decided to do a Christmas music marathon. I had to listen to it for several hours because my associate at work loves the stuff. So we made a deal that we would listen to it tell we did break time. Then after that I switched as fast as I could. On the other hand the decorate she decorates their house right after thanksgiving. I say it’s WAY too early for that stuff. Don’t they know Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet? I prefer the one Holiday at a time mentality. Then before all that Christmas cheer comes my Birthday first and most importantly. So for all you folks out there keep an eye on my counter, it’s on the side bar below to the left. Don’t worry there’s still plenty of time to plan. So here’s the order to go by… It’s time to get ready for Turkey day 1st , then don’t forget my Birthday, then on to Christmas.

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