Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mini Vacation
So Greg and I had a mini vacation down to Naples this week. Friends from Chicago were down, and we decided to visit. We left Monday night after work. And arrived a little after midnight... the party offically started when Patrick meet us at our room for a hello and a quick cocktail. Very tasty and fun!!! After a brief batch of shut eye we meet for breakfast in the lobby, where Patrick introduced us to his sweetheart Matthew. Over our continetal breakfast we chatted... yes I did say breakfast.. I know what you are thinking. Laura actually was up in time for breakfast... yes I was! Then after that Matthew headed out to visit with family.. and Greg, Patrick and I headed out on the town for amusement and tasty food delights of course.We checked out the shops enjoying the lovily sunshine...Patrick was thrilled that it was warm enough to wear a short sleeve polo. We ended up being hungary
and we decided to stop for lunch....that was an intersting experience ...

The Lunch escapade was interesting, the picture is my NY sandwich with sauted onions and cheddar topped with a fried egg. This how the meal went at Sea Salt restaurant, we ored cocktails since we were on vacation. Placed order with the server and waited. All our food came out over cooked and we sent it back to the kitcken, mind you this was not a cheap place to eat. when the plates came back, Patricks Kobe burger was over done again and asked to speak with the manager. the chef appeared at with a plate with 2 rare kobe burbers and was going to start lectureing Patrick. I was going to have no part of this then I let the cat out of the bag about me being a Chef and all of his tone changed... break out the butt kissing routine. Wow!! it was pretty funny if you asked me. We did have to pay for everything.. but we did get a round of premium cocktails on the house! After we walked around some more found a little shop with some delicious deserts and coffee. Yummy!

Dinner later at the Turtle club was very good. I learned that Mattew is from my hometime Ft. Wayne Indiana... small world! We all had a great time! After dinner we went back to our hotel and played Wii. i have to say the Men of Chicago have Game!!! Next morning we went out for a quick breakfast then a little while later we said our goodbyes. Boy we had a great bad it ended so quickly!

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